Season 1

Episode 106 – Father Knows Best

Join Willi as he heads to Kansas to hunt with his dad during Kansas rifle season.

Episode 105 – Mule Deer Madness

Join Willi as he heads to the Badlands of South Dakota in search of an archery, sport and stalk mule deer.

Episode 104 – Western Whitetail Wonderland

When hunters think of deer hunting in Colorado, they probably think of Mule Deer hunting first, but what many hunters don’t know is that there’s world-class whitetail hunting just a few miles from the front range. Willi accompanies his friend Chris to northern Colorado to hunt Whitetails along the famous South Platte River, where the muley and whitetail ranges overlap …

Episode 103 – Murphy’s Law for Elk

There aren’t many areas in the country known for big elk, so it can take some creativity to find public land elk destinations that are largely untouched but still offer good chances at big bulls. Willi and his friends, Chris and Brad, put their heads together to uncover some amazing Pure Hunting for Elk in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado …

Episode 102 – Cheap Sheep & Ghostly Muleys

Willi Schmidt’s quest for Pure Hunting destinations continues with one of America’s best kept secrets: a budget-wise Barbary Sheep hunt in Texas canyon country. And Willi joins his friend Brad in the high-country of Colorado to chase elusive Rocky Mountain Mule Deer on public land that’s challenging enough to discourage all but the bravest do-it-yourself hunters.

Episode 101 – Bear Necessities

Willi Schmidt’s quest to find the last, best, affordable Pure Hunting destinations begins on a trip to Alaska with his friend Brad to take on an epic self-guided bear hunt. This hunt will test not only their hunting abilities, but their survival skills as well. Dropped off in the middle of nowhere with no guide, no phones, no help and …