Building Arrows for Western Big Game

Building Hunting Arrows | Element Archery

For years I’ve shot the same arrow setup and as of late I’ve been contemplating changing that arrow setup. With the recent trend and growing awareness of increasing an arrows FOC and the benefits that it brings I’ve decided to change my arrow set up this season to increase arrow weight and achieve a much more desirable arrow FOC.


What is Arrow FOC and Why is it Important?

The acronym FOC stands for front of center and it is the percentage of an arrow’s total weight that is in the front half of the arrow. The more weight that is in the front half of the arrow the higher it’s FOC will be. An arrow with a higher FOC will stabilize the flight of an arrow and increase its downrange accuracy. It’s one of the key elements in shaping the trajectory of the arrow. The ideal percentage for FOC for hunting is between 10%-15% but some hunters go even higher. It all depends on how your setup tunes and the desired results you’re attempting to achieve.

In this short segment, we share and explain the arrow and components chosen to achieve my arrow FOC.

Below is the list of Tools and Compenents used:

  • 100-grain weighted insert with a 100-grain weighted point.


  • AAE Max Stealth Vanes– One vane is 2.6″ long X .50″ high and weighs 9.2 grain +/- .5 grains
  • AAE Max Bond– is a high-viscosity liquid that is easy to work with and penetrates well when using our tough Elastimax material.  Whether you are fletching carbon or aluminum, this is the toughest glue available.
  • AAE MAXweld Primer Penn– creates an amazing “Weld” between any Max material vane and the archers chosen arrow.
  • AAE Max Clean Arrow Wipes– are a quick and easy method of cleaning arrow shafts for proper fletching adhesion. 


  • Easton Quickbond Insert Adhesive– Impact resistant and ready to shoot in about 30 minutes.
  • Bitzenburger Fletching Jig– This fletching jig is made of long lasting die cast alloy. There are no plastic parts and it is built to last. Some say it is “the last jig you will ever buy.” I fletched mine with a right helical.
  • Nock Out Lighted Nocks– I shoot the Contender lighted nock that weighs around 21-25 grains depending upon the size of the bushing used.
  • Arrow Spinner- Checks straightness of shaft, nock, insert, and point. Also, it is the easiest way to check broadhead straightness.
  • Scale- to measure arrow components and the finished product.



You can see how I like to build and customize arrows, the next step in the process will be shooting and adjusting my sight tape to find out how these higher FOC arrows perform.