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In this Browning X-Bolt review video, I’m excited to show you the X-Bolt rifle series. First, it is a phenomenal hunting rifle to bring along for several different trips across the country and can be used on many different species depending on what caliber it’s chambered in. You can find one of these rifles in current production that’s chambered for varmint hunting all the way up to moose-killing knock-down power. When you combine that with the innovative design features below, it’s truly a versatile firearm that deserves a spot in your gun cabinet. Let’s dive into the gun review video!


The X-Bolt series has several different stock constructions and finishes, but my personal favorite is the special two-step Dura-Touch finish. The armor coating finish improves the stock grip, deflects minor scratches, and will help protect your gun from the elements that you’ll face out in the dense woods and open prairies. As I said in the Browning X-Bolt review video, it is also a very reliable and accurate gun due to several unique considerations by Browning engineers. For example, the hand-chambered, free-floating barrel system and very low-recoil construction helps keep the four-screw X-Lock scope deadly accurate and your aiming on-center. With qualified shooters, it can shoot consistently within one inch at 100 yards – that’s minute of angle precision for almost no additional effort.


To take things even further, Browning introduced several other innovative features for us hunters. Unlike many other bolt-action firearms, you can unload the Browning X-Bolt cartridge without taking the gun off safety simply by using the handy bolt release button. As you saw in the Browning X-Bolt review video, this button is conveniently located on the side of the bolt where your thumb naturally goes. This feature locks the bolt shut when the button is not depressed so that you can’t inadvertently open it while walking through the woods. It’s also got a very unique detachable rotary magazine design. The magazine can be removed with one hand and snaps back in flush with the bottom of the rifle. But the most innovative part of it is how the cartridges stack vertically without staggering. This allows them to spring up and feed straight into the chamber without changing orientation.


Browning X-Bolt Review
Advantages of the X-Bolt

  • Several calibers available from .204 to .338
  • Unique bolt release button and tang-safety to keep you safer
  • Low-recoil construction for shooting range fun and improved accuracy
  • One-hand operation detachable rotary magazine
  • Dura-Touch® finish for longer stock life
  • Several stock and barrel constructions available


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