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Mule Deer Hunting | Tips for Tagging a Mule

The 2016-17 fall hunting season is here!  There is no more waiting, no more “hunting season is just around the corner” talk.  Fall is upon us and it is time to get serious about punching some tags and achieving your season’s dreams and goals. If these might entail mule deer hunting, you have come to the right place.

“Badlands Mule Deer Hunting – Pure Hunting S1. Ep5. Mule Deer Madness”

(video) – Join Willi as he traverses the Badlands  while mule deer hunting. He heads to the Badlands of South Dakota in search of an archery, spot and stalk mule deer hunt. This is a self-guided, self-motivated pure hunting adventure.


If you are a follower of Pure Hunting, then you know that we love to chase a variety of game all across the Country.  From whitetails in the Midwest to Elk in the high country, we love to do it all.  Out of all the species that we have pursued over the years, spot and stalk mule deer hunting is a challenge that never disappoints.  Spot and stalk mule deer hunting will test a hunter in ways they never imagined, especially when using archery equipment. With opening day fast approaching it seemed logical to discuss a few hunting tactics and tools that can help your next mule deer adventure.

Mule Deer Hunting Tips

When it comes to mule deer hunting, one of the most opportunistic locations to hunt is South Dakota. Here you can easily obtain tags and hunt both mule deer and whitetails, creating a unique opportunity. Watch the video below for some mule deer hunting tips in South Dakota. Keep in mind these tips can apply to most western hunting.

South Dakota Deer Hunting Tips & Tactics | Pure Hunting Tips and Tactics

(Video) – Interested in a South Dakota archery deer hunt? Here are some South Dakota deer hunting tips and tactics. This is an awesome hunt you can do on your own, the little cost involved with a chance at both whitetail and mule deer in some really cool country. Take advantage of these South Dakota deer hunting tips and tactics to find success in this pure hunting adventure.


Tools for the Job: Mule Deer Hunting Gear

Hoyt mule deer hunting | Pure HuntingWithout question, successfully pulling off a spot and stalk mule deer hunt requires a lot of variables to line up just right.  It often requires persistence, determination, and a positive attitude.  Spot and stalk hunting is a technique that requires the hunter to stay with it, and keep trying.  Persistence will usually pay off eventually.  With that said, when you do finally have your opportunity to send a Grim Reaper down range, you want to make sure that you setting yourself up for success and that starts with carrying the right mule deer hunting equipment.

There are a lot of bows on the market today, but without question, Hoyt bows are some of the most durable and accurate bows on the market and have several attributes that are advantageous for spot and stalk mule deer hunting.  This hunting often requires the hunter to cover a large distance at a very slow and methodical pace.  You need to be as quiet as you can, and stealth often goes hand in hand with the amount of equipment you are forced to carry on your stalk.  Hoyt bows are light and easy to carry, but durable and accurate, a deadly combination for this type of hunting. In spot and stalk mule deer hunting, having the ability to be accurate at an extended range, yet have the ability to close the distance with light gear, is often very important.

binos mule deer hunting | Pure HuntingRangefinder mule deer hunting | Pure Hunting

When you are mule deer hunting, having high-quality optics is almost as important as the bow itself.  It can be amazing how well an animal the size of an antelope or mule deer can hide in the open western landscape.  Having an excellent spotting scope and set of binoculars is critical to locating a big mature mule deer, as well as keeping eyes on him while you make your stalk.  A spotting scope will allow your eyes to do the searching from long distances and allow you to locate and field judge the deer you’ve found without having to put miles on your boots.  The binoculars are a great tool as you get closer and need to be more mobile, but will only get you so far. Once you are within striking distance, having a dependable range finder ensures you make an accurate judgement and shot.  Judging distance can be very tough in an open landscape, so ensuring that you are within your effective archery range is an important part of the puzzle.  The Ranger 1500 Range Finder and the Diamondback 12×50 Binoculars by Vortex Optics are a great combination for western spot and stalk hunting including mule deer. If you are heading out on mule deer hunting adventure, these two items are an absolutely “must have”!


The Wind

There are several factors that come into play when hunting mule deer. The number one factor that can either make or wreck your hunt is the wind.  The wind is an enormous part of being successful when spot and stalk hunting mule deer for two primary reasons.  The first reason is simply scent control.  Although there are times when the wind doesn’t blow, mule hunting in the western states creates a near guarantee that the wind will blow the wrong direction.  This is actually a big advantage for the hunter. It creates the sense that you are fighting the wind, which means you will always keep it in mind. With your mind focused like this, you can begin seeing patterns and create opportunities.  If you can position yourself downwind of your target mule deer, then you have effectively taken his nose out of the equation.  You may be able to get away with making a noise and possibly movement, but you’ll never escape their sense of smell.  As long you can keep an eye on your mule deer while you make your stalk, then you are in business.  Secondly, the wind often generates noise.  This allows the hunter to get away with a little bit of incidental noise as they make their stalk, effectively taking the mule deer’s ears out of the equation.  Unlike hunting in the Midwest where high winds can make for a long day in the deer stand, high winds can actually be a big benefit when spot and stalk mule deer hunting.


Camo is Critical

Your hunting camo and hunting boots can to often be overlooked pieces of the hunt. However, they can also make the difference in the hunt.  Dark camo patterns do not seem to contrast well in the open lands of the west, and while the contrast between light and dark often help to blend most camo patterns into their surrounding this is not always the case in the western environment.  Hells Canyon  Speed pattern camouflage and clothing  from Browning is a great fit for western adventures.  The light color pattern and gray tonal base blends in well with everything from sagebrush to sand and can let you disappear in open country. The clothing also offers a unique “Hero” fit that allows the extreme movement of western hunting.

browning speed jacket mule deer hunting | Pure Huntingbrowning speed pants mule deer hunting | Pure Hunting

The opportunity to take on a spot and stalk mule deer hunt is fast approaching.  It offers an excellent opportunity to test your skills and can sometimes help you to become a better hunter.  While not every stalk will end with success, with enough persistence, the right gear, and a little luck you can punch a tag on a trophy mule deer this fall.  Get out and give it a try, chances are you will be hooked for life!